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TBP en 105 países


“Es bueno encontrar un programa que en realidad se centra en ayudar a los que no hemos podido lograr esto, Personas de trabajo duro están posicionándose para hacer un ingreso residual serio y de por vida.” Dyan Lynch – Eastport, ID, United States.

“Hay algo en The Team Building Project que tiene gente de todas partes de unirse rápidamente! A mi modo de ver, si alguna vez hubiera una oportunidad para que cualquier persona pueda alcanzar un nivel por encima del promedio de éxito en la comercialización de red … ¡Es ésta!” Dan Andrews – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

“Esto realmente tiene sentido. Siempre he dicho que si pudiera entrar en una posición de hacer dinero en MLM me uniría. Bueno, el momento ha llegado. No puedo esperar para construir esta red maravillosa y cosechar los beneficios de una sabia decisión de posicionarme temprano. ” Stacey Scott – Seattle, WA, United States.

“If you are looking for a business that puts people first without sacrificing efficiency look no further.What can our services and/or products do for you.” Alicia Perry – WinstonSalem, North Carolina, United States

“When I first checked out the Team Building Project I kinda scratched my head in amazement. I thought, wow, this could really work! And since I joined, the system has worked perfectly. My team is growing and for the first time I can really see an opportunity to make a serious residual income. You’d be crazy to let this one pass you by!” Paige Simmons – Studio City, CA, United States

“Ne rester plus jamais seul rejoingnez nous avec le marketing de réseaux.” “No te quedes más solo Únase a nosotros con las redes de comercialización.” Marlene Fontaine – Diamant Martinique, Centre France

“Greetings, Well we are still growing and there is not a lot to say at this time. But, I feel Stephen is doing a Excellent job in communicating with the Team…Thank You Stephen, Communication isKEYin building a Strong and SuccessfulTEAM!!!” Hagall Hagall – Maryland, Maryland, United States

“I really like the binary model. My first 2 teammates are my mother on my left side and my son on my right. Every person I bring on board from now on will be placed under one or the other. A good team builder can honestly help his downline.” Winston Cornell – Woodstock, MD, United States

“It is very cool when your team can grow by someone fromFloridasponsoring someone fromAlaska, who then sponsors someone all the way back inFlorida. Congratulations on developing a very good system for putting a team together!” Roger Foulks – Bradenton, FL, United States

“”Hello, I could not believe this concept was truly happening. I was blown away and wish I had thought of it first but I’m glad to be apart of a new found discovery to instant success. Thank you Mr. Scott for thinking out side of theMLMBox” Michael Ladd – Richmond, Indiana, United States

“This is the easy way to make some money, just click on the link and check it for your selfs, there is nothing to investt there for nothing to loose. ” Mario Viteri – Plantation, FL, United States

“¡Wow! Este es simplemente la manera más realista de posicionarse para un gran ingreso residual mensual. He probado varios programas de comercialización de la red durante los últimos años, y nunca han adoptado el enfoque del equipo de construcción. Me estoy divirtiendo y mirando al futuro para construcción una línea descendente grande de socios comprometidos. Gracias Proyecto creación de Equipo! ” Lanordo Conn – Carson, CA, United States

“Thanks Stephen, I’m you sick of having to join a program knowing I will not get any return for 3 to 6 months while you build your downline?TBPis a much smarter way. Others must think this way; I got signups the same day I ran my first ad.” Thom Cooke – Carrara, Queensland, Australia

“TeamBuildingis simply the best program available, Stephen is a wonderful admin and really has his finger on the pulse .. Absolutely BRILLIANT ..THANK YOU Stephen ” Cheryl Willison – BurnettHeads, Queensland, Australia

“El The Team Building Project es una idea brillante! No hay llamadas telefónicas molestas, reuniones o propaganda llena de gente que trata de recuperar su dinero. ¡Qué gran manera de construir mi negocio, y estoy haciendo toneladas de nuevos amigos en el proceso. La oficina virtual tiene herramientas de mucha ayuda y hace muy fácil de construir mi equipo completamente en línea. Usted no querrá perderse esta oportunidad. Me alegro de que me uní! Deborah Johnson – Tucson, AZ, United States

“Creo que” The Team Building Project” es absolutamente brillante. Las herramientas de la oficina virtual son muy útiles y fáciles de aplicar. Gracias Stephen Scott por la creación de esta oportunidad y también a la persona en mi línea por compartir esto conmigo.” Veronica French – Bradenton, Florida, United States

“Good evening folks. I want to thank you all who are joining us in this one of a kind blessed venture. Thank you all for your continued hard work and may we all be happy with the results. Kathy Fann” Kathy Fann – Rancho Cordova, California, United States

“Hola, yo no podía creer lo que este concepto estaba sucediendo realmente. Quedé impresionado y te digo al principio lo pensé, pero estoy contento de ser parte de un nuevo descubrimiento para éxito instantáneo. Gracias, Sr. Scott por pensar fuera de la caja deMLM. ” Antonio Grace – Williamsburg, VA, United States

“This is a no brainer. It’s free, simple, and takes almost no time at all to be a part of. I will share it with all my friends. It’s not like anything else out there and we are growing fast.” David Thayne -Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

“Apenas firmado y realmente pude relacionarme con este método. Será como ganarme la lotería el día que page :-)” James Rich – Culver City, CA, United States

“Hi, If you want to eliminate the fear of being ripped off by Scam Artists join with us. I’m honored to be a part of such a Noble cause to help so many avoid the Scams.” Lamar Boone – Sneads, FL, United States

“This is about as simple as it gets. I have been involved in theMLMindustry for many years but I haven’t been as excited about an opportunity like this in quite some time.” Marshall Sills – Marietta, GA, United States

“Afraid of the unknown? Don’t be.TBPgives you everything you need to build your downline before spending any $. The site is very professional & Stephen keeps us informed & responds to ?s quickly. This is a great new idea. So easy to promote.” Theresa Fister – Elkhart, IN, United States

“I’m tired of pouring money into subscription programs without recruiting anyone. They’ve put the money cart before the horse, but you need a team first to pull the money cart. That’s whatTBPdoes, it puts a solid team foundation before the money. ” Lewis Jackson – Fleming Island, Florida United States

“Finally someone cares and understand how to build a downline and help the average person earn an income from network marketting.” Jesse Artis – Goldsboro, NC, United States

“Esta es la oportunidad más emocionante que he visto para construir a largo plazo, un ingreso residual. En el pasado han fracasado miserablemente en el multinivel. Ahora, en sólo 23 días, 24 personas se han unido a mi equipo y muchos de ellos calificados. Esto es impresionante! ” Forrest Rae – San Antonio, TX, United States

“I really love the new pre-team building concept that you have come up with. I see this as being a stroke of genius on your part. ” Joseph Garner – Rocky Mount, NC, United States

“I joined Team Building Project onJune 18, 2010. I have joined many programs and never seen such a quick result. I have almost 400 Partners in my Binary Downline. ” Armando Diaz – Bronx, NY, United States

“I would like to thank Stephen for dreaming up such a common sense and honest approach to building a successful business on line. Obviously, this has been an easy project to recommend. Also, thanks to all those who have joined me here atTBP.” Steve Bast – Pensacola, Florida, United States

“Ich freuemich, Sie beim the Team Building Project zu treffen und dass Sie sich für ein gutes Marketingmittel entschieden haben. Nur gemeinsam kommen wir weiter und das wollen wir hier und heute nutzen. Lassen Sie uns die Zukunft gemeinsam gestalten. ” Erhard Kuester – Zehdenick, Brandenburg, Germany

“Me uní aTBPporque me encanta el concepto de tener un negocio construido y listo para Ganar antes de irme a la banca rota tratando de promoverlo! Ya son 9 Por los que he pasado) puse un enlace en la firma de uno de mis cuatro correos electrónicos, y 15 personas ya se han unido desde el enlace. ” Sharon Grossking – Baltimore, MD, United States

“I never knew that my downline would grow so fast. I went from having 2 in my first week to 12 in my second week. All I did was use the back office training to tell people about this opportunity and they signed up like crazy!” Otmar Guy – Jacksonville, Florida, United States

“Esto es absolutamente lo que la comunidad de negocios en línea necesitan. No sé por qué no se ha hecho antes. Tuve la oportunidad de obtener a otro miembro en mi primer día. No puedo esperar a ver qué programa escogeremos. Buena suerte a todo el mundo, Trevor Harris ” Trevor Harris – Sherman, CT, United States

“Don’t be Scared sign up and be apart of something that could make you finatually secure! Td” Tom Dailey – San Jose, California, United States

“Al principio, yo estaba un poco escéptico de que este concepto de formación de equipos que realmente funciona. Ahora, dos meses. Más tarde, estoy convencido de que esto es real-Tengo 9 dirige. Voy a seguir construyendo con las herramientas de siempre-puede ‘ t espere hasta que la OPP es elegido. ” Deidre Bourne – New York, New York, United States

“Esto ha sido un experiencia muy interesante y divertida! Mi tiempo ha recompensado con creces. Las personas que han compartido The Team Building Project me daba las gracias! ¡Qué gran sensación!” Yon Cole – Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States

“Well, Stephen’s idea is being copied already. But I haven’t seen anything yet with his down-to-earth no-nonsense approach. And there are so many ways to get people involved – email marketing, social networks, personal contact. I just love it!” Sue Tamani – Labrador, Queensland, Australia

“It’s nice to find a program that actually focuses on helping average, hard working people position themselves to make a serious and lasting residual income. ” Dyan Lynch – Eastport, ID, United States

“The Team Building Project concept is the bomb! I lead a very busy life and don’t have time for meetings, phone calls and chasing after my family and friends. Not only is that not fun, but it doesn’t work! I can’t believe this is totally free to join and use the website, but I’m certainly grateful! Thank you Stephen Scott for taking the time and effort to build a great system! You clearly think outside-the-box and as a team, we will all profit from your genius!” Jp Outlar -Burbank, CA, United States

“Stephen, What an amazing concept you have created with the “List Building Project” The idea of building your list before entering a program, has turned the ship around, an absolutely brilliant idea. James Panter.” James Panter -Hallett Cove, South Australia, Australia

“Steve permítanme decir gran, gran, gran Nunca he visto un programa con esta profundidad de lo posible, el alcance y potencial de ingresos bien hecho” Geoff Willison – BurnettHeads, Queensland, Australia

“I am thankful i was invited to Team Building Project. It is definitely everything it says it is and more.” Debra Deyarmon -Rochester, IN, United States

“Me gusta la idea de invertir tiempo y no dinero. Cuanto más tiempo invierto en la construcción de mi equipo por más que invierta siento que no se me acaba el dinero. Mirando hacia adelante a esta gran oportunidad.” Clay Hymas – Ogden, Utah, United States

“THIS IS AWESOME! I can’t begin to express the excitement I have regarding the possibilites I see with this Team Building Project. Filled with joy thinking of the people that I’ll be instrumental in joining the team and we doing this thing together!” Dee Moultrie -Columbus, OH, United States

“Hello Stephen, All this time I’ve been asking what I needed to do from people I knew personally inMLMwho were making the big bucks, but to no avail. Finally someone willing to share! Thank you, Connie Cornick” Connie Cornick – Blandon, Pennsylvania, United States

“THIS IS THE EASIESTSITEI HAVE HAD THE PRIVILEGE to PROMOTE and build aTEAMwith. Would you like to join in?” Sherry Stevens – Seeleys Bay, ON, Canada

“It starts with an IDEA, facilitated by TECHNOLOGY, and fanned by a group of like-minded FRIENDS. Thanks to Stephen, we can all evangelize this new paradigm to network marketing…..on our terms! ” John Iozzia – Emerson, NJ, United States

“Creo que esta generara muchas amistades, alimentada y sostenida en línea. Pensamiento global requiere una acción mundial. Yo trabajo en línea, me encuentro en línea, soporte en línea. Es duradera y creciente. Únete a mí hoy, es genial! O llámame y pregúntame”. Johan Miller – Toledo, Ohio, United States

“Este proyecto de formación de equipos es una gran oportunidad para las personas a unirse gratis y construir su negocio. Estoy construyendo mi línea descendente y más personas se unirán. Esta es una oportunidad legítima para recibir ingresos residuales. No veo nada mejor. ” Terrance Artis – Union City, GA, United States

“I’ve devoted a great deal of time and money to several network marketing programs and never actually made any ‘real’ money. It’s nice to find a program that actually focuses on helping average, hard working people position themselves to make a serious and lasting residual income. Can’t wait til we hit our goal of 10,000 members! I’m glad I joined!” Crystal Williamson – Bronx, NY, United States

“He estado buscando en algunas de estas oportunidades de mercadeo en red y me gusta el aspecto de esta … ¡Qué gran idea! Estoy emocionado de esta … lo más pronto que llegamos a los 10,000 mejor!!! ” Bruce Mcquillan – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“What a concept! Stephen has struck at the heart of the problem that 95% of marketers face—-an inability to build a team AFTER joining a program! I’m working hard to promoteTBPand I can’t wait to see howTBPwill revolutionize theMLMgame!” Vacellia Clark – Champaign, Illinois, United States

“After learning for a while, I really likeTBP. And I’m sure it will work to build the network. I hope I don’t “miss the train” when it comes to start joining the voted business network together with other members. :)” Panditya Danardana – Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

“To date I have really been dragging my feet. Well, no more! Stephen, with this new video you have given me everything I need to be successful. I know that I will only reap what I sow. Today, I start sowing! Thanks for all your guidance & support. ” Carolyn Scott – Kansas City, MO, United States

“Final week before vote will be awesome. People will qualify like crazy, so they can vote. Those new people will go under teams we built. New ones will qualify. Others will add more. 10,000 could be 20,000 in just days. Richard Poe, Wave 5 is here!” Craig Klein -Lemon Grove, CA, United States

“I am on a “Self Stimulus” Plan right now. Depending on myself and my Networking friends to allow ourselves to be financially free. Who else will do this for us?” Lalise Graves – Lithonia, GA, United States

“This is a Great Site to Build a Team! Ive paid out too many times without getting my money back! Now I want change!! ” Tony Cross – Verwood, England, United Kingdom

“TeamBuildingProject, is pure and genuine website from the Founder and all the team make better and better, online marketing. From the bottom of my heart, thank’s to Mr Scott and my sponsor Heiko Closhen.” Zulkarnain Barmansyah – Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia

“Este proyecto es un gran concepto! Está dirigida a aquellos que están seriamente interesados en oportunidades deMLMy motivados para crear un flujo de ingresos lucrativos. Por posicionarse a saltar fuera de la puerta de inmediato, el éxito es inminente!” Patti Shaw – Cape Coral, FL, United States

“If you are looking for a truly honest business opportunity you’ve found it! Forget about any past failures you’ve had in network marketing. The Team Building Project is taking a completely new approach, and I’m glad I joined. I already have people in my downline from theUnited States,CanadaandAustralia! Can’t wait to fire my boss!” Stephen Conners – Los Angeles, CA, United States

“Wow Stephen, Thanks for creating this fabulous system, I have always been jealous of the folks that had large teams and brought them into new companies because they start off with a bang. You made it possible for all of us as well. Brilliant!!” Gigi Fernando – Peoria, Arizona, United States

“TBPis a simple way to build a highly successful business before committing to make any financial contributions. Those who recognize the power of theTBPand spend a few minutes daily on promotion will be very successful. ” David Speake – Olive Branch, MS, United States

“Realmente siento que esta oportunidad será importante en un futuro próximo! Esto es realmente cambiar el juego de la redes!” Bryan Pace – Columbus, OH, United States

“Conozco desde hace mucho tiempo que la construcción de su lista es el camino a seguir. Ahora sé que la construcción de la línea de abajo primero es el mejor camino a seguir. Gracias” Team Building “Proyecto para proporcionar la mejor manera. Esto es impresionante. ” Paul Roberts – St. Albans, WV, United States

“TeamBuildingis simply the honest way to go, they have quick response time for any question that I might have. Two Thumbs up and a bag of Chips. ” Martha Williams – Tarzana, CA, United States

“Now that, is the power in numbers… Check it out, it doesn’t cost anything to Join…” James Huebner – Chico, Texas, United States

“As a member ofTBPI can not believe how we have grown in the last few days. We have reached the 5,000 member mark. WOW!!!TBPhas become Global and is creating opportunity for people all over the world. ” Lady Sampson – Pembroke, North Carolina, United States


“Este es el futuro de la red de mercadeo. Esta es mi opinión, por supuesto, pero vamos a ver. Gracias al Sr. Scott y el resto de los miembros del equipoTBP. Únete y velo crecer.” Christian Blanchard – AlbanyArea, NY, United States

“No only is the concept AWESOME but the easy system has already allowed me to sponsor my first person within 24 hours. All we have to do is get people to the link and the tools do all of the work for us!” Chris Smith – Cincinnati, OH, United States

“Un nuevo e innovador acercamiento de equipo para construir riqueza. Esto es una gran oportunidad para ti para construir un ingreso residual mensual! ¡Únete GRATIS ahora! ¿Qué tienes que perder?” Betty Dunn – Cambridge, Ontario, Canadá.

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